The Gender War: Who is winning?

I believe the societal role of men is changing at “warp speed” today.

This is large because women are gaining more power due to a fundamental shift in our economy away from physical labor and towards knowledge labor.


·         3/4s of the jobs lost in the current recession have been by men

·         For every 2 men that get a college degree today, 3 women do so

·         More than 50% of managers in US businesses are women

·         Women are for the first time the majority of the US workforce

·         Of the top 15 fastest growing professions over the next decade, all but 2 of them are dominated by women

In almost all certainty, women will, on the whole, be more powerful than men soon. It takes time for old systems and networks — even those of the old boy variety — to die out.

The problem with boys/men?

·         Boys have around 3x the learning disabilities girls do

·         Girls are especially more effective in their ability to communicate at a young age, an advantage that often continues on later in life

·         Above all, this is objectively not a bad thing

I guess the real problem that men will have to face – sooner than later – is how to internalize this change.

Men will have to come up with a different vision for themselves and what they aspire to be.

So men have a choice of being depressed and frustrated with themselves for not living up to some role they have been assigned externally or they can chart a new path.

What do you say?

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Written by

Ziad K Abdelnour, Wall Street financier, trader and author is currently President and CEO of Blackhawk Partners Inc., a private equity and physical commodities trading firm based out of New York City, Founder & President of the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon (USCFL), Founder & Chairman of the Financial Policy Council, Member of the Board of Governors of the Middle East Forum and Former President of the Arab Bankers Association of North America.